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A woman used to taking charge is about to meet a man who'll make her lose control in this novel from the New York Times bestselling author of On Dublin. Editorial Reviews. Review. Praise for Down London Road “This book had some funny dialogue Down London Road (On Dublin Street Book 2) by [Young, Samantha]. Audible Sample. Audible Sample. Playing Playing Loading Loading. Down London Road book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Johanna Walker is used to taking charge. But she's about to mee.

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Down London Road Samantha Young Pdf

Title: Down London Road (On Dublin Street Series #2), Author: Visit Down London Road · Samantha Young · Könyv · Moly. Books To ReadMy BooksGreat. Loved this book! I couldn't put it down! Make you start reading it in the weekend because I couldn't put it down all night! Congrats on another absolutely. Down London Road ePub (Adobe DRM) download by Samantha Young Samantha Young E-Bundle: Castle Hill, Until Fountain Bridge, One King's Way.

Automatyczne logowanie. She currently lives in Scotland. Her previous novel, On Dublin Street, is also published by Penguin. Discover more about Samantha online: For Robert 1 Edinburgh, Scotland I looked upon the piece of art and wondered what the heck I was looking at. To me it was just a bunch of lines and squares in different colours with some shading here and there. It looked familiar.

Inside was a different matter altogether. Outfitted with hardwood floors, amazing lighting and partition walls for the art, it was the ideal gallery spot. Malcolm had divorced a year before his win, but of course a good-looking, wealthy man attrac- ted young women like me. Malcolm had invested money in her art, renting a gallery a few blocks away from my old flat in Leith.

I had to admit the gallery and the art show were impressive.


Becca had come hurrying towards Malcolm and me in metallic leggings and an oversized sweater, her bare feet slapping against the freezing-cold wooden floor. I then proceeded to walk around the gallery wondering whether it was that I had no taste for art or that this art was just atrocious. Between my two jobs, looking after my mum and Cole, and accompanying Malcolm whenever he wanted me somewhere, my life was pretty hectic.

Joss nodded, a crease of concern between her brows. She worried about Ellie worse than anyone. Okay, maybe not worse than anyone, I thought, shooting a glance at Braden, whose own brows were knitted to- gether in a troubled expression. Tuesday, Thursday and Friday nights, I worked at Club Ap- parently my uselessness had hit a new record today: Thankfully, tomorrow was my day off from Meikle and his vitriolic tongue. Although I was grateful for the kindness, I was determined to always make my life work on my own.

When you re- lied on people you cared about, put your trust in them with something huge like that, they inevitably disappointed you.

Down London Road

Obviously feeling more persistent tonight, Braden was relaying the benefits of working for him. Suddenly I felt the hair on the nape of my neck stand on end. My eyes flickered across the room and then my breath hitched as my gaze paused on a guy who was staring at me.

I felt my heart rate pick up, the blood rushing in my ears. Why had he caught my attention? He was not the kind of guy I usually responded to. Aye, he was pretty good-looking. Messy dark blond hair and sexy stubble.

Tall, but not as tall as Mal- colm. This guy was probably six feet tall and no more.

I would stand a few inches taller than him in the heels I wore tonight. He was lean and sinewy. And did I mention the tattoos? When his eyes lowered under their lashes, I inhaled at the shock-like feeling that jolted through me as his gaze travelled down my body and back up again.

I felt like squirming, overwhelmed under his flagrant perusal, though usually, if a guy checked me out like that, I would just smile back flirtatiously. The moment his eyes came back to my face, he offered me one last searing look — a look that I felt like a callused caress down my body — and then dragged his gaze away.

Feel- ing dazed and decidedly turned on, I watched him stride off behind one of the art walls that divided the gallery into sections. Braden Carmichael was this no-nonsense, straight-talking, in- timidating businessman, and yet somehow Jocelyn Butler had managed to wrap him around her pinkie.

I think we stood there for about an hour, drinking the free champagne and discussing everything under the sun. I rarely felt I had anything profound or interesting to add to the conver- sation, so I just laughed and enjoyed them teasing the hell out of each other.

Down London Road

When I was by myself with Joss it was different. I knew Joss better than I knew Braden, so I was confident that she would never want me to feel like I had to be anybody other than myself. It was a nice change of pace from the rest of my life. We chatted with some other guests, trying not to seem confused by their enthusiasm for the art, but after an hour Joss turned to me apologetically.

Braden can go. Absolutely not. I had seen myself through situations like this before. But fine.

He kissed her hair be- fore he turned to pull on his own coat. With his arm wrapped around her shoulders, he led her out into the cold February night, leaving me inside the gallery with an unfa- miliar ache in my chest.

There was always the hope, however, that my relationship with Malcolm would turn into something more significant and selling the watch would no longer be an is- sue.

But I never allowed myself to get my hopes too high. It was nine fifteen. My pulse picked up a little and I riffled through my tiny fake Gucci clutch purse for my phone. No messages.

Dammit, Cole. The dress showed off my trim figure to perfection. I loved it. I would be sad to add it to my site pile.

He had a head full of lush, dark hair with a sexy sprinkling of grey at the sides. He wore suits all the time and tonight was no exception, the Savile Row tailoring exquisite. Automatyczne logowanie Zarejestruj.

Download pdf Down London Road (On Dublin Street Series) Online

I couldn't put it down! Make you start reading it in the weekend because I couldn't put it down all night! Congrats on another absolutely awesome book! I love this author she know just how to pull at your heart! I had to force myself to not fly through this book! I love jo and cam! I do believe I loved this book the best. The character development in this book was and is superb. I really had a great sense of who Jo, Cole, and Cam were. Even though the book was strictly in Jo's POV. I still felt like I understood what Cam went through with her and his emotions.

I also enjoyed learning a little bit about Cole.

Can't wait for the next book about Olivia and Nate. I would like to read something about Hannah and Cole. Not with them getting together but just them in general. This book was really good! I loved it. Samantha Young has written another wonderful book.

I can't wait for her next one!!!!!!! I enjoyed this book, although it doesn't come close to my On Dublin Street level of love. It's a heartfelt story that literally had me sobbing at points, but it took much ado to get me there.