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    The Reluctant Dragon book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. In this beloved classic story, a young boy befriends a poetry. The Reluctant Dragon [Kenneth Grahame, Michael Hague] on The Reluctant Dragon: Illustrated and millions of other books are available for. The Reluctant Dragon: 75th Anniversary Edition and millions of other books are . The Sword in the Tree (Trophy Chapter Book) by Clyde Robert Bulla.

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    The Reluctant Dragon Book

    "The Reluctant Dragon" is an children's story by Kenneth Grahame, originally published as a chapter in his book Dream Days. It is Grahame's most famous. The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame. By: Kenneth Grahame (). Regarded as one of Grahame's most distinguished short stories, the children's. The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame and he the book‐learning. They knew that . "None of my books ever told me that dragons purred! "Hullo, dragon!.

    Dream Days, by Kenneth Grahame The Reluctant Dragon Footprints in the snow have been unfailing provokers of sentiment ever since snow was first a white wonder in this drab-coloured world of ours. Excitement and mystery, curiosity and suspense — these were the only sentiments that tracks, whether in sand or in snow, were able to arouse in us. We had awakened early that winter morning, puzzled at first by the added light that filled the room. Then, when the truth at last fully dawned on us and we knew that snow-balling was no longer a wistful dream, but a solid certainty waiting for us outside, it was a mere brute fight for the necessary clothes, and the lacing of boots seemed a clumsy invention, and the buttoning of coats an unduly tedious form of fastening, with all that snow going to waste at our very door. When dinner-time came we had to be dragged in by the scruff of our necks. It stretched away unbroken on every side of us, this mysterious soft garment under which our familiar world had so suddenly hidden itself. Faint imprints showed where a casual bird had alighted, but of other traffic there was next to no sign; which made these strange tracks all the more puzzling. We came across them first at the corner of the shrubbery, and pored over them long, our hands on our knees. Experienced trappers that we knew ourselves to be, it was annoying to be brought up suddenly by a beast we could not at once identify. Seems like something lizardy. Did you say a iguanodon? A little dragon would be rather nice to have. We ran the monster across the paddock and along the hedge of the next field, and then he took to the road like any tame civilized tax-payer. Here his tracks became blended with and lost among more ordinary footprints, but imagination and a fixed idea will do a great deal, and we were sure we knew the direction a dragon would naturally take. The traces, too, kept reappearing at intervals — at least Charlotte maintained they did, and as it was her dragon I left the following of the slot to her and trotted along peacefully, feeling that it was an expedition anyhow and something was sure to come out of it.

    The Reluctant Dragon – Egmont

    The story sets into motion when a young shepherd boy discovers a dragon residing in a cave near his family home and village. Having read many stories concerning dragons , the young boy has adopted an open-minded attitude toward the feared creature, and quickly befriends the dragon.

    Moreover, the dragon demonstrates a love for poetry which confirms his intelligence and civility, and also gives an account of his life. Although the young boy welcomes him with open arms, the townspeople, on the other hand, are not convinced of its harmless intentions and unanimously agree that the beast should be vanquished.

    Subsequently, St. George arrives and is appointed the task of ridding the town of its unwelcome guest. So, St.

    The Reluctant Dragon. Stream audiobook and download chapters. Audiobook downloads. The boy introduces St George to the dragon, and the two decide that it would be better for them not to fight.

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    Eventually, they decide to stage a fake joust between the two combatants. As the two have planned, St George harmlessly spears the dragon through a shallow fold of skin suggested by the dragon, and the townsfolk rejoice though not all of them, as some had placed bets on the dragon winning. St George then proclaims that the dragon is reformed in character, and he assures the townsfolk that the dragon is not dangerous.


    So the dragon is then accepted by the people. Reviews[ edit ] One scholar describes the book as "a story about language ", such as the " dialect of the illiterate people", and the "literary aspirations of the dragon".

    San Souci and illustrated by John Segal and another abridged and illustrated by Inga Moore both omit this scene. A New York Times review by Emily Jenkins notes that this framework is somewhat long-winded and might cause some parents to worry about whether the story can keep children's attention.

    However, she finds the unabridged version preferable to both abridgments although she says that "Moore retains the pure joy of the author's descriptive passages". George represents Grahame as a public servant who works for the Establishment while the Dragon represents his anarchic, artistic, and anti-social side.

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